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London, a city steeped in history and brimming with modern vitality, stands as a global metropolis at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Its iconic landmarks, such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the bustling streets of Soho, showcase a rich tapestry of culture and diversity. Amidst this dynamic backdrop, Crescent College is in the exciting process of establishing its office in London, further expanding its educational presence. As the city pulsates with energy, Crescent College aims to contribute to the academic landscape, providing a platform for learning and growth in one of the world’s most influential and vibrant cities.

Our Vision

To be the most innovative, inspirational and employment focused learning organisation in the private higher education sector.

Our Mission

Provide outstanding learning and employment related opportunities within every community we operate and to offer the highest level of expertise, skill and knowledge which will enrich the personal and professional lives of individuals that focuses on social mobility, inclusivity and equitability.

Our Values

People: We work collaboratively in a safe and secure environment with a positive approach to our own and student’s health and well-being. We will respect individual liberty, recognizing the valuable contribution each person can make to society.

Responsibility: We are responsible for our own actions and decisions whilst making a positive contribution to both community cohesion and community leadership. We will demonstrate environmental sustainability through our behavior.

Integrity: We  demonstrate honesty, integrity and ethical standards in everything we do. We will respect all individuals and act fairly in the best interests of people from all social backgrounds.

Diversity: We actively promote equality; recognise, respect, promote and celebrate diversity and individual difference and strive to create an inclusive environment. We will challenge behavior or views which discriminate against others.

Excellence: We challenge ourselves to strive for the highest standards of quality and behavior by adopting a supportive and self-critical approach in our pursuit of excellence. We will always aim to be the best that we can be to the communities that we serve.

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Crescent College

Crescent College has a strong reputation for student support, teaching excellence & student progressions. 98% of our students will secure employment or further study within 12 months of completing their course.

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